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Here is the pattern that I use, I think it is from Rebecca Sutterby. I found it on here a few years ago.
I live just north of Austin. I've only been here for one year but so far I really like it. The housing prices are great! For me it is a 30 minute drive to downtown Austin or 2 minute drive to rolling hills and corn fields. West Austin is also really beautiful with lots of hills but does cost at least twice as much as Round Rock. My only complaint as a new comer to Texas is the fire ants!
I just made my first batch of modeling chocolate today but used candy melts instead. I haven't used it yet but it was so easy to make. I too would love to know what other people who have used it think ? My family hates when I use mmf so I'm trying to find something they will actually eat.
I just made some for the first time last night. I made a half batch of mmf and used around 2 oz. of chocolate that I melted and added while the mmf was mixing. All I had was some Dove milk chocolates and they still worked great. I didn't really measure but I did add a few teaspoons of cocoa powder hoping to get it a darker brown color. My mmf turned out a lot lighter brown than I would have liked but it is probably from using milk chocolate. It is great, it tastes like...
I have a white 20 year old 4 qrt. I would love a brushed nickle one to match my kitchen, but it was free from a friend who was going to throw it out. Can't cook without it!
I just found CC a few weeks ago and I'm hooked. I have decorated my first 2 cakes so far and can't wait to do more. My mother used to decorate cakes when I was little and it looked like so much fun. But it wasn't until my beautiful wedding cake, that a friend made for me, collapsed right before my reception that I really became interested in learning to decorate. If I every get good enough, hopefully no one else will have to cry over a collaped cake.
I just made my first batch of mmf and it was dry also. I just kneaded in a teaspoon or so of water until it was the consistency I wanted. Good luck!
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