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Thanks so much!Love your cake Kathy.
icer101-Thank you. After looking at the Wilton color chart I was wondering about the "pink" really being coral. I knew there was a color I was trying to think of besides pink, lol! The base I was referring to was which green/pink would I use before adding another color to achieve the desired shade? I wish I had more choices for board covering, unfortunately all I have is plain old silver. ETA:Forgot to say that all I have are Wilton colors. Not sure where to find...
Thanks! Any idea which green/pink to use as a base?
I'm making a cake for my daughter's graduation and I need to get these colors or at least something very similar. That shade of pink, green & blue match her luau decor perfectly. Can anyone help? I pm'd the baker a couple weeks ago, but still haven't gotten a response......I know it's a very busy time of year, so I was hoping maybe someone else could help me. Thank you very very much!ETA: I think I can get the blue, just not sure about the green & pink. Thanks again!
Thank you.
I'm making a candy barrel cake on Friday and was wondering if it's ok to put the ribbon directly on the kit kats? Thanks.
Looks great tatorchip!!! Can't wait to see it pupandbon. I'm making mine Friday too. I went ahead and bought 15 full size bars, so hopefully that is enough for a 2 layer 10".
That's a good idea. I used to eat those vanilla ones like there was no tomorrow! My favorite ones were the ones Winn Dixie used to have in the deli/bakery section.....not all wafer cookies are created equal, lol. Now that Winn Dixie is gone, I have yet to find one I like as much as theirs .
Looked everywhere for the pink M&M's for my dd and finally found them at CVS at $3.99 a bag!!! I didn't know how many to get so I bought 3 just in case (they only had 4 bags). Buying the kit kats today...this is going to be one expensive little cake! I will be making my cake on Friday and was wondering if a 6" takes 8 kit kats and an 8" takes 10, wouldn't a 10" take 12? Should I get 15 just in case? Thanks!
Andrea, thank you so much. I have been checking everyday hoping you would post your recipe. It sounds absolutely delicious (where's the drooling smiley when you need it?) and looks amazing when sliced into. I can't wait to try it!
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