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Thank you dodibug and sundine2! I visited the Wilton website and the info was just what i needed! I think it is going to be strange and hard to make a 2 layer sheet the cake will rip in half when I try to stack it on the bottom layer. Oh well, I will give it a try.I'll also try the rose nail in the cake-makes sense!Thank you all again for your speedy responses! I'll post the picture when I complete the cake.PinkPreppy
Thank you Sweetviolent! I think I will do 1 layer 9x13. I do not know what you mean about using nails???? Does the center take a long time to bake?Thank you again for your quick response to my message!
I have never made a sheet cake. If I make 1/2 sheet, do I use one layer of cake or two?? How many boxes will I need for the 1/2 sheet cake. I think 1 box would be enough??What temp and time should I use for a convection oven??Thank you in advance for your help, as you can see, I need lots of it!PinkPreppy
Now that's funny AlicaSue! I did try to make the "back" brush, but it did not work out! I never noticed the "bag" brush! maybe the brush sank to the bottom!Thanks for all of your comments and tips! ENJOY the weekend!
Thanks to everyone for all of your help. Here is the cake, I also posted in the gallery under birthday cakes.I had soooo much trouble with "the man". I attached the parts with spagetti! I guess I'll try anything once, and this is it!Thank you again!
Thank you for responding so quickly!! I have to make this cake tomorrow. I'll give it a try and post if I am able to make the heavy, bald guy in the tub!!!!Thank you again, I love CAKECENTRAL!!!!!!!!Enjoy the weekend!PinkPreppy
I am planning to make the "bathtub" cake with my brother in the tub. I have no idea how to mold the fondant into a man (from the waist up). My brother is pretty heavy and bald, so it should not be too tough to make! I need a starting place.Thanks in advance for your help!!!!PinkPreppy
Thanks for your advise leta, I will use my breath to help with the dust!! I do not have a problem giving breath to my sugar flowers either!
Well, I froze the crumbed cakes, brought them to room temp, chilled them in the refridgerator, iced them, let them sit for 15 min or so, used viva and computer paper.Next time I will cool the cakes, ice them and use the viva and paper technique. I think if I would have frosted them frozen, it would have been a disaster!I am still working to get my cakes smooth. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to help a "newbie" out! I posted the cake under graduation cakes on...
Thanks for all of your comments. Perhaps, I'll do some roses white and color them with the petal dust and color some gumpaste in a variety of shades of Piink (favorite color!!)Thanks to all of you for taking the time to help me with my ever continuing education in "caking"!!Love to all of you!
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