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NICE!! Congrats!! As a proud new owner of one myself, I wish you MANY wonderful mixes!...KA mixers are just kewl!Of course I'm now working on my attachment collection...I covet the Ice cream maker!
I have tried the Wilton premade fondant (YECH!), and I am currently stuck on the MMF. I am still experimenting with it, as it is really sweet. I also made a cake recently with the Rolled Buttercream technique..I personally like that the best, but it's really greasy for others. I am going to try to make the Fondant using the Wilton recipe to practice Bows and things.
Hey everyone...My best friend is turning 30 this Saturday, and he asked me to make his cake...I've been thinking of what to do, and I am at a loss. His favorite color is purple, He's studying to be a nurse, and he's a licensed hair dresser...He wanted a cake out of one of the Wilton Fun with Fondant books, but it was just so kid like for a 30 year old..LOLSome ideas please and thanks...
Believe it or not, that is 1/2 oz of the Wiltons Red Red and 1/2 of the No Taste Red...While the color was beautiful, my mom says the fondant was still bitter tasting. Thanks for the compliments make me wanna strive higher
I'll have to check to see if it is on Food Network On Demand... Peacock...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tagline
MelodyangelIt has several names..LOL I just bought some this past weekend at Home Depot, and it was called Sur-Grip.
Well...You could use electrical tape to secure your cakeboard & Cake to the box. Loop the tape upon itself, adhere it to the middle of your cake box, and then sit the cake on top of that. I hope I explained it well.Mochaboi
HOT MARSHMALLOW!!! Be very careful when you melt the MM down. I know we all try to be very careful, but over the weekend, when I was taking a bowl of melted mallows out of th microwave, some got in between my wedding band and my finger. I swear I could not get that ring off fast enough. Luckily no damage..but just wanted to add that tip.Oh yeah..if you use the recipe from here, careful with the amount of Powdered sugar you use. It calls for 8 cups of 10X, and I did my...
Thanks everyone for the awesome words. I took the cake to the party and you all were right, it was a hit. Especially amongst the kids. All the kids were wearing red white & Blues, so naturally, they wanted something to match their clothing..they all asked for the Red White and Blue cake. The grown ups loved it. My mom (whose favorite color is red, and favorite cake is chocolate) took half the chocolate top..LOLThanks again everyone! I have a birthday cake to do this...
Well...This cake was..*ahem* a challenge. It was my first time working with MMF, my first time attempting a concept cake, my first time doing a stacked cake...all in all, I think I did a pretty good job.Happy 4th!
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