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Hi all...I came across the recipe for this icing but was wondering do you have to refrigerate it? It states it will keep 2 weeks in the fridge? Just want to know if you have ever left it out? thanks so muchRebecca
Hello all!Thanks to anyone who has them. Please email them at Thanks
I loved the step by step tutorial and it looks like something i am definetly going to try. I have some questions though. Is your paper towel damp when you are smoothing? Also, I was wondering if you would be willing to share your frosting recipe? Thanks so much.Rebecca
Hi everyone,I am going to be doing my first wedding cake ever! I have quite a few questions. First, thanks to anyone for their help.The wedding is in March of 2005 and I am already planning. I already know that she want a 3 tier stack design. Snow white butter cream and red roses! YIKES! Red of all the things to have to for a first cake! Anyway.. I feel pretty good about my buttercream recipe and was thinking of doing the roses in royal icing (I think it is sturdier)...
Thanks for all the great advice and fast replies! I think I might have to check out my baking soda... perhaps it is old! I will have to investigate! Thanks again!
Hello all,I just finished baking this cake twice and both times it has sunk! It has terrific taste. texture is a little crumbly but it is extremely moist.This recipe calls for 9" round pans I want to use 8" so maybe that is my problem. Anyone have a suggestion?First time I baked it at 350 for about 30-35 minutes. I used my cake strips, top was a little sticky but cake tester said it was done. This recipe has maybe too much sugar?? I put it out on the counter and it...
Hello everyone!Thanks for getting back to me so fast! That PB frosting looks great! Rebecca
Anyone have any they would like to share? I am doing a devl's food cake for a party and they have requested peanut butter frosting. I have a couple of recipes but they are all too soft and I thought I would see anyone out there has a really fantastic recipe! Thanks all!
Hi Ladycakes!Thanks for the reply. Someone just emailed me the instructions! If anyone needs these just let me know. Thanks again. Had to edit my post... I just happened to do a search for cake decorating classes in my area and someone signed you guest book from PA and when i searched for PA cake Decorating classes I came across your website! It is fabulous! Keep up the great work! Any ideas on where I could take classes in PA? Rebecca
Hello all...Does anyone have these? If so would you share them with me. ThanksRebecca :
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