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This person did one, you might could PM them...
Thank you to everyone who responded; I'm so sorry I didn't get back here to check; I never get my email notifications anymore, so I wasn't notified of the responses. You guys had great ideas; calling the mom would probably be the best thing to do, cause you are right, there are different degrees of allergies!
Thanks; what if I added a bit of butter flavor to it to help also?
Hi - I need to make some cookies for a field trip for my daughter's class; there is one boy who is allergic to milk and milk products; should I substitute the butter in the recipe for something else, and what would be good? Margarine stuff, or crisco?
Thank you so very much! I figured there would be topics out there on this; I don't know why my search function went kablooey!!
Is there such a thing, and how would you do it? I tried to do a search, but it just keeps freezing up on me, sending me to a blank page, so I thought I would ask. TIA!
Hi - I'm planning on making cookies for my daughter's class for a party, and there is one boy who is, I guess, allergic to milk, so I want to make sure he can eat what I make (I feel so bad when everyone else is eating a cupcake and he's not, cause I didn't know). So, my question is, does dairy free include butter? Anyone know specifics about this allergy, and what more I should avoid besides the obvious milk?
Hi! My sister asked me to do the cake for my niece; she will be turning 1, and the main cake will be a carousel. Any ideas how to (simply) decorate the smash cake, other than just plain ol' icing it?! TIA!
Different types of cakes turn out different for me; since you used a different brand, that may be what it is.
Just make sure you have enough room on both side of the pans to let the air circulate; otherwise, your bottom will burn before your tops are cooked.
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