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Oh thank goodness! Now I just have to find them. I went to 3 different grocery stores and none of them had the old ones. Thanks for researching. I never thought to go to their website. You rock and thanks for the relief! Hugs.
I had to run out to get more Viva towels to smooth my cake this morning (hubby used the last of the roll for cleaning golf clubs - argh!) I couldn't find the old style Viva - they have a new "vantage v-flex weave" for more scrubbing power! and it has a "V" pattern. Guess I'll go back to using parchment paper... I hope I can find the old style somewhere but no time today - got a cake to do!
but does it make a difference if it's "instant" pudding mix or regular pudding mix?
Does it make a difference if you use instant pudding mix or regular pudding mix when adding it to a cake recipe?
A relative wants a 2" border of rhinestones around each tier of her wedding cake - when it comes time to cut the cake at the reception - how does that happen? Not like you want to be dismantling part of the cake right there before they cut the cake........
What is the difference between styrofoam and styrene when using it for a cake dummy? is one smoother than the other? Is one heavier? I'm looking to purchase some for a wedding cake display. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
that did the trick! Thanks so much!
I'm using the wilton chocolate wafers to mold some seashells but the chocolate is too thick to pour into the mold - I understand I'm not using the greatest chocolate to melt but is there any way to thin up the chocolate so I can pour it easier. right now I'm using a pastry bag to pipe it into the molds.
where can i find those cute adirondack chairs i"ve seen on alot of the ocean/seashell themed cakes?
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