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I am a Wilton instructor and want to make display cakes for our store. My question is what type of icing do you use for the cake and decorations? What is the shelf life? Also, any other tips, hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks you!
Toba Garrett, Jennifer Dontz, Sharon Zambito & Chris Garron!
Yes you can color it. However, I no longer use Satin Ice. Its way too dry & had a hard time covering cakes with it. I absolutely love Duff's fondant. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but wait for a coupon & purchase it at Michael's. Not only is it a dream to work with, it is the most delicious fondant I have ever tasted. Good luck!
I DEFINITELY love to bake than decorate! It too, makes me crabby because I always compare myself to all cake artists whose decorating is impeccable. Of course, no matter how I try, I never measure up. People love my cakes & think I am this great decorator, but only I know better. Much rather be doing dessert type cakes anyway. I find most people would rather have a great tasting cake rather than a highly decorated one. Don't lose faith and BTW - your cakes are...
My thoughts & prayers are with you Brenda & Mary.
Has anyone ever taken taken a class at Nicholas Lodge' school or taken courses with him? If so, do you mind sharing your thoughts? I am thinking about attending his school in Georgia. Thank you.
Does anyone have a name of an instructor(s) in New Jersey who offers private cake decorating lessons? If so, I would really appreciate their website or telephone number. Thank you, Beth
I nned to do a birthday cake with Buzz Lightyear as a theme. Have any of you ever done Buzz? If you have any pictures or instructions, that would be a tremendous help. I am stumped on this one. I don't think Wilton has a pan for Buzz Lightyear. What shall I do?
When using a single cake mix & using TWO pans, how do I get the equal amount of batter in each pan? On Food Netwoek Alton Brown was using some type of scale. Is this a worthwhile investment? Even when preparing tiered cakes, how do you know what the exact measurement of batter is for each pan size? Thank you.
I wish you all the luck & love in the world. May God watch over you & please keep us posted on your conditon.
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