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Posts by Joanne914 yearbook are you talking about? this one or the 2011?
look what I found! can't help with the "L" but you can get the "M" here!
I live in Michigan, so of course there are a LOT of Univ. of Michigan fans. There is actually a store at our mall that is all U of M "stuff" and I bought that exact "M" cookie cutter at the store a few years ago...that's the only place I've seen it. You could always hand cut unless you have to make a ton! You could also contact : they can make cutters for you and lots of people here at CC have purchased from them. Best of luck!
I second the idea of using a rectangle for a tiki cookie. Here is something to give you inspiration:
sundowng...i will be waiting anxiously to see your cookies. "Warm" buttercream to flood?? Well, I sure do learn something new each day!
aracely30 This is the video I watched where Karen, from Karen's cookies, applied a buttercream base to a cookie (then she used a texture mat) CC folks know Kim, I'll try and send her a message on Flikr to see if she can "enlighten" all of us non-buttercream folks! Thanks everyone.
woke up still thinking about this (lol that's how you know you are cookie obsessed) and I watched a video at Karen's cookies where she spread buttercream onto a cookie, then used her spatula to go around the outside of the cookie to take away the excess. I'm wondering if "Cookies by Sugar" uses a decorating triangle or comb to apply the buttercream, then does the same as Karen and takes away the excess around the edges. That might explain the textured tops of her beautiful...
I just found this AMAZING cookie decorator on Flikr, Cookies by Sugar, and she only uses buttercream to decorate her cookies. I have been looking at pages and pages of her beautiful work and I just can't figure out how she frosts irregular shapes and curves using what looks like (maybe) a basketweave (? 46) tip. I myself use RI to outline and flood. I have never used buttercream to decorate cookies with and for the life of me can't figure out how this is done. It's just a...
AGHHHHHH!!! I could NEVER have made FIFTY of them!!! There were VERY time consuming!! Have you considered edible images if you can make them?
My dollar store has some great plastic trays in various sizes that I've used in the past.
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