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Do you have a picture of the cake?
WOW...... for sure there has to be some chain yanking going on...funny how someone can join CC one day and the very next day start a discussion that gets everyone hot under the collar.
I think you need more powdered sugar, and let it rest overnight. You should keep adding th ePS until it is no longer sticky, then wrap and let sit overnight.
To make black I use wilton gels. Equal amounts of red, blue and green. I did this to color white fondant (mmf) black. It's in my pics (bee hive) - Works great!
I agree jones5cm - I learn something new every time!
I also use half crisco and half margarine. It works great for me too
Wow - thanks for the info. Can I ask what type of fondant you used?
I make mmf and use equal amounts of red, blue and green to make black. It worked perfectly for my beehive cake. hth
I use equal drops of blue, red and green to make black. However it turns your teeth every time!
I just asked that same question last week!
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