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Hi EvoirMany thanks for this. I didn't realise that there was someone teaching sugar in Sydney. Do you know where I might be able to get into these lessons? Can you please tell me the names of your books I would be very interested in getting a couple.Many Thanks againRegardsKerrieSydney Australia
Thanks again Evior
Ok so they used a form/mould/cutter for the shape and place it on the silpat. I must have got it wrong I though you sais there were 2 silpats. Thanks again for your time.
I used Royal icing when I did mine but only a little.
EnvoiSort of but wouldn't the cooling liquid spill out over the silpats?Thanks for taking the time to reply to me.RegardsKerrie
I have made wings with gelatine before but thought I would try it with isomalt using the same method. The method I used was to make the shape in wire, melt the isomalt and drag the wire through the isomalt. Needless to say it didn't work. I would love any suggestions on how I could do this. Thank you in advance.
Chef Kincaellan, which were the best moulds you found.
Could have the isomalt in a double boiler and leave the water under it to keep it workable?
Has anyone seen a Liquid Luster color, if so can you please let me know where I can get it from.
I think this subject has been addressed before but I could not find it in the search.Can you paint with Americolor on Fondant?
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