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Does anyone know where I can get the NFSC Cookie receipe?
Ella First off congratulations on taking the plunge. It takes a lot of courage. I too am starting my CFB. I got all of my info online. How did you get yours? My county had a flow chart set up on their website so it was easy to follow. Good luck
Thank you all for the responses.  I will take all of your advice and see where it takes me.  I need to clear one fact up-I was an accounting clerk not a CPA. and fortunately my husband makes enough that we will be able to manage for a while.  Since California just passed the Cottage Food Law mu county is still working with the state to figure out how to handle this.  So we will see where this goes.
Hi all!   I just need a little feedback.  I recently lost my accounting job after 9 years.  I have been decorating cakes for the past 10 years and have taken all sorts of classes from well-known sugar artists. I feel that my skills are good enough to start in a bakery as a cake decorator.  I have approached one bakery and sent them pictures of my best cakes and a resume stating that while I have not worked in a commercial bakery that my skills and passion for sugar...
Jason I was reading the amended bill and it looks like they modified the Class A and Class B definitions. If iread it correctly we can't use our home ovens to prepare baked goods? Or did I just get confused in all the legislative language?
It looks like it will be back to appropriations on 5/16.
i looked on the appropriations committee website and it says that they meet every Monday @ 11:00 AM. So maybe there is still hope!!
If we spread the word enough to show that we really want this to happen then we can beat them. Besides it really doesn't affect them much.
I have to agree. The Duff one doesn't look that great. I would do some research. I started with a basic one with the aquarium pump compressor and now I have the Aztec that Roland Winbeckler uses. It came with a variety of cups and tips for different uses.
What about Chef Rubber?
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