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thank you everyone for the suggestion I'll give it a try.
Help please all you sugar cookie people.I do sugar cookies a couple times a year and am definitely getting better but one problem persists: visible dam syndrome.All the demos and tutorials (like cake journal) explain how to make the dam out of thicker consistency icing and then flood. But on their cookies the dam seems to blend seamlessly into the flooded area. In my cookies, it looks so obvious. I am using tip 2 to do the dam.Any suggestions on how I can improve my...
I have not yet received the November digital issue altho I did get the September.No reply from the customer service department. to my email inquiry.Please advise.thanks
google "design me a cake", and there is a wonderful dvd. that's how I learned to do them.
just beautifulthanks so much for sharing
thank you eveyone.I did a very faint dusting of both ecru and light green. I didn't want to use pearl dust cause I want a matte finish.what do you think.It is my first one and I did the outer petals inside out but I'm still pretty happy.Hey, why can't I add the pic... I'll try to add to my pics
Hi,I just finished a gumpast peony and I love the way it came out except for the color. I do want white but it looks so flat and lifeless.I added the faintist bit of yellow and that helped but if I add any more it will be a yellow flower and I do want white.Any suggestions would be appreciated.thanks
ok, we need our own macaron support group.
Lindathey have it at my library........... I can't wait to check it outthanks
GeminiLike you I was so intimidated, and my first attempt was a total disaster but I hate to fail and they are soooo expensive at my local bakery so I just had to try again.Have fun and be sure to let us know how they come out and what flavor combo you make.
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