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Powdered sugar contains starch and other anti-caking agents: 2 years shelf life - check the packets for the date it was packaged or the "use by date" ..Pure sugar is different - if stored correctly .. then indefinitely ..
Shortening is a fat or oil - lard, butter, margarine, oleo, and every edible oil [both solid of liquid] is a shortening. It can be made of purely or either an animal or vegetable product or a mixture of both.Lard is a shortening that is a pure animal fat: generally pork, if you are American: usually beef, if you are Australian: mostly, any animal that is edible. Chicken fat is also a lard.
Why did you put it in the refridgerator? It stores in an airtight container in a cool location away from light, heat and dust.
Recipe:Breaking it down into it's components:This part of the recipe is how to put a packet white cake mix cake together.. or in this case 2 mixes -Using two of their 517g cake mixes approximates three of our 340g cake mixes: [a shade over 1kg in total]Both Greens Traditional Vanilla Cake and Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake are good choices for the mix component. Just add whatever the manufacturer indicates on the boxes.The extender part of the recipe translates from US -> AU...
How about Satin Icing ? Nigella has a recipe - and it is quite versatile. things1. "do not over boil at this stage" is a pivotal direction2. it is softer than rolled fondant, it can be flavoured, and any problems in covering the cake are easier to fix than rolled fondant.3. cover the cake using the same technique that you would use for marzipanning ..4. buff the cake with cornflour to produce a satiny-smooth...
Advise him against it ... then get it in writing that he accepts ALL responsibility for any action that HE takes .. and make him sign and date it. Make sure he pays in full for it before he does anything stupid ..
.. the dry husk from a corn cob .. easy cheap and replaceable ..
How I was taught..All wires should be the same length .. 1. gather all into one hand - they should be level at where the sugar work commences on each wire2. with either plastic or [stretchy] paper florists' tape, commence to wrap the wires in a bunch immediately from the sugarwork and downwards .. for the appropriate length of the flower3. snap off the tape, and check the tightness of the "stem" - if it is too loose, the flower will not stand "arranging"4. hold the stem...
Your Royal Icing should be stiff enough to stand a metal spoon in it upright ..
There is not straight substitution of oil for butter in a recipe made for butter. There is no reason to think that a substitution would produce your normal cake. One is solid and the other is liquid - oil is a pure fat while butter is about 80% fat.A substitution of a dairy-free or vegan spread would be more likely to work .. Or find a recipe formulated for oils ..
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