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Hi all,There was a discussion in the past that I can no longer find. Someone mentioned using some type of powder (?) to the fondant to prevent color from fading. Does anyone know what this is? I think it was regarding covering dummies.Thanks in advance!
oh yes! those are from william-sonoma originally and bake very well!
Wilton violet has almost always turned blue with a few hours. I've noticed also that wilton pink fades and turns white. This all happens even when not in sunlight. It happens a lot if the air is warm.I'd love to find a way for this to stop happening too!
I'll be dipping mine in Callebaut and Lindt chocolate (dark, milk and white) and then rolling them in nuts (pecans and walnuts), mini choc chips, or fresh grated coconut.I charged $30/dozen.My order is for a 3 day event so I figured I could dip them all the night before delivery.
Hi all,Just wondering how far in advance I can dip strawberries? 2 days? I'm doing about 200. Also, is storing them in the fridge okay after they are dipped? I'm just worried that the chocolate will sweat.Thanks for your help.
yes, you can get the extruder from Michaels I would use gumpaste rather than fondant so it is stronger....or you can add gum trag to our fondant to give it more strength
it just might be because of the ratio of sourcream. I've baked cupcakes that called for sourcream and they sunk in...I reduced the amount of cream and they turned out much better.Good luck!
that to me looks like it was piped with royal icing and then painted with gold lustre dust/alcohol mixture...Is there an easier way?
yes, I was thinking that it is so runny it won't "stick" to the fondant. I remember trying to spary small hearts black, and it wouldn't stick at all.Oh well...I'll have to just color the fondant black or use black chocolate frosting
Has anyone used the can of wilton "airbrush" on fondant? Does it dry? I want to spray white fondant with the black mist...
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