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ok, I managed it pretty good... I used an 8" terra cotta planter and made a 6" cake. I put the styrofoam in the bottom then plastic wrap (so you can lift the cake out). Then wax paper on top so the frosting won't come off. Then covered the top of the cake with the plastic wrap. Then I put a green napkin over the top. Then used skewers to hold the cupcakes in place. I am very happy with this cake.I attached a picture....
you can bake in the pot? wow I had no idea! how did you get the cookies to stay upright and not fall over?
Hi all- I was wondering if any of you have ever put a small cake inside the pot then put the cupcakes as the flower part? How would I do that? I need more servings. Any help would be so helpful!!S
Hey all-I was wondering if it would be possible to put a small cake inside the pot part? How would I do this and how do I keep the cupcakes in place? Thanks for your help!!S
but it will hold it from the car to the church?
I am doing a wedding cake square 4-tier ... 6",8",10",12". What would you use for the base? Would a covered cake drum hold it or should I make my own out of like ply wood and cover it or something like that? Any help would be great!TIA
OK, great ... I think I will go with the tape! thanks Debbie!
one more question... how do you attach the ribbon? a little bit of BC on the edges? Thanks for all the wonderful tips you guys are awesome!
Hey all,Just wanting some tips from you all who have done a ribbon (real ribbon) boarder on a cake with buttercream frosting (not fondant). Like the cake in this link: do's and don'ts would be fabulous... for example do use this type of ribbon... or apply it first before stacking the cake... stuff like that would be stellar. TIA!!!SUNSHINE
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