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Hi,Friends have asked me from time to time if I know any cake decorators. I wonder if a registry can be created here by locality? (ie. by country, city, suburb, websites link, link to gallery lphotos here t cake central and contact details)IS this possible?violet
sounds insteresting but what's a crumb coating?
Thanks Nati and everyone for your help.I willl be contacting them soon. Wow, $7 per lesson, fantastci!thanks again everyone!violet
Thanks dky again for answering both my questions
Thanks dky for the info. I have saved it for future references.
wow, quick replies already . thanksyeh, I thought it was strange too to use ganache (which is such a thick layer) under the fondant. I tried it anyway. I have read many books which suggested the apricot jam.Love to read other suggestions/ tips .thanksviolet
Hi everyone,I have done a cake decorating course by the Eastern Suburbs Evening College ( and I know that TAFE PLUS has a course starting in May 2006.Are there any other classes in Sydney? Please let me know the names as well as contact info etc. If there is a web link, that will be great too.Thanksviolet
Hi everyone,In 3 of my 4 cakes, I used apricot jam on the cake before I cover with fondant. However, in my last cake, my sister in law advised me to use ganache. Well, near disaster. I found it really hard to put the fondant on as it was sliding away from the cake.What did I do wrong? What consistency should the ganache be? I follow a recipe but had to keep adding more water to thin it?I must say, I do prefer the jam but may be it was because the ganache consistency was...
brand fondant?Hi everyone,It's too inconvenient for me to go to a specialist cake shop to get a Orchard brand 3kg fondant (which is a lot fresher and softer, easier to apply). I am in sydney eastern suburbs and i closest shop to me is in camperdown and since I don't drive, the bus fare just to go there and back will cost me nearly $10 and being a stay at home mum, I really can't afford it I have used the supermarket Orchard 500g fondant and it was rather hard. I have been...
Wow, by reading the your post and replies here, made me realised how much pressure there is working commercially!!!You've done well for day one. Just hang in there. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!Keep up the great work!!!!!!ps- just noticed you original post was last year. How are you doing? still at your cake decorating job? how did you cope after day 1?
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