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Hi,I am thinking of using this recipe tomorrow (posted by admin). I have already bought a few packets of Betty Crocker Devil Cake mix (chocolate). I hope it's ok to use this recipe for cup cakes? Will also be using this as a cake to be decorated. i have a few questions about the ingredients. MAinly becuase we may different measurements and names...
Thnaks JanH! Another idea for me to think about
Hi,I am making a lunar jim ( cake for my son very soon. I am yet to decide what shape cake to make. I have a few questions which i'd like to run by you, If you don't mind. The answers will help me decide which type of cake to make.Now, my 3 ideas are crater cake (pyrex bowl or metal bowl), a eco dome cake (sorry pic is not clear), ring pan as crater OR crescent moon come cake/crater cake:1) pyrex or metal bowl?I am not too sure of these 2 purely...
Oh, what a clever tip to dust with coco powder. I didn't even think of that!Just learnt another thing here. whoohoo!thanks so much
I have never heard of Wilton Cake Release. Don't think we can get as many wilton products here in OZ. I may be wrong. How long did it take you to make the chocolate cake in pyrex bowl? what size and temperature? sorry to ask.........the more i think about this, the more i think i may not attempt a pyrex bowl cake now........sounds too difficultgood luck in your next cake. please post the cake when you finish. love to lok at it
Thanks so much. ti's great to learn some trick to making cakes.But what about chocolate cake though, the flour will show on the cake?
Thanks so much JanH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the many links. just had a look at this one. what's 'non fat dry milk solids'? Here in OZ, we have Coffee Mate, is this the same? Assume it's not milk powder?Also, Often in recipes, I see them mentioning Crisco, i assume that veg. shortening, which is eq. to our Copfa.I hope someone can help asnwering these. thanks
Thanks for your suggestoins and tips everyone. sorry i haven't replied till now. I'm rather new still here and had trouble finding this post. LOLI'll have to check out these links and tried them out. I am sure once i have donw that, i'll have better questions to ask.Thanks so much again for all your help!If I do make any and they turn out ok, will be sure to post.
Hi,Do you mean grease and then flour? OR either one?I am going to bake a b'day cake soon and i am also thinking of using a bowl. How are you know at what temperature and how long to bake the cake for?
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