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Hi,   I am making a deep space scene onto cake board covered with fondant (think most of you would use the name fondant. we call it icing here in Australia). I have dipped a rounded flat bristle paint brush (size of brush is approx 1cm) into dark blue dust and tap the dust onto most of the surface of my fondant. Then I dabble the surface with sponge. Now I love my 'accidentally' sugar creation (i didn't plan to do it that way, LOL) but the surface has a lot of dark...
Here's a link to that book with cover photo:
Thanks so much for the info . I will forward your info on
A friend is holidaying in London staying at High Holborn, London. I’d like him to purchase some cake decorating tools ( ie 24 inch olling pins, embosser of various patterns & textures, faces & people moulds) for me. Just wondering if you could please tell me the names of a few cake stores near there where he could go to. (if none near there, any store near STRAND, LONDON? Sorry I have never been there so have no idea where these suburbs are in London)PLease kindly let me...
wow, you are both 'Awesome' brincess-b and tinygoose! thank you!!!!Yes, you're right. In my stressful state, I am trying to do things which are too complicated and didn't even think about the easier options. LOL. Ah, I feel much better now!! Now that I can visualise what I am going to do, I feel much better now.
I bought some miniature champagne bottles from the junk store. and i was hoping to cover these with fondant and place 10 or these on my bowling cake. But I think the covering will probably not look neatl IS there any way I can use these champagne bottles as templates to create 10 identical bottles (fondant only without having these plastic bottle inside)? I don't have silicone mould and am press for time to do this. These are to be placed on top of the cake.Also, since I...
URGENT Questions about Tylose & air-brushing effects in cake decorating. Please HELP!?Is it ok to add Tylose to my RTR (fondant) to speed up hardening process when covering my cake (so that it will harden quicker as I am push for time and don't have 24 hours to wait after covering cake b4 decorating it).Also, i don't have air-brushing machine. How can I achieve the PRO look in cakes without having the icing sugar visible (especially in dark coloured RTR? I assume using... this on the net about copha and crisco.Hope this helps
hi bunsen. I am in Sydney too. i went to a cake decorating course recently and was also told that I can get crisco at a sex shop. LOL. great to know that it is on sale at Dj and sugar fix (not sure where this is but will google). thanks for the info
oh great. thnaks so much everyone. Looks like Sharon Zambito's DVDs are the right ones to buy
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