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Thank you all! I knew just where to vent and get some "been there, done that" advice. Thanks again!
UPDATE - The customer's cousin called this afternoon and said she had no idea that she was even supposed to have picked up the cake Saturday or for that matter that this "lady" had even ordered a cake. She had a message on her phone today from the "lady" asking her to get the cake. She apologized and sent her husband immediately to pay me and get the cake. I told her that I couldn't guarantee the quality as it was made Friday, but again, whose fault is that? I just hope...
I'm really not a "tell it like it is" person but I ALWAYS relive the situation over and over and say "why didn't I say this or that." I could probably do better over the phone rather than a face to face confrontation. Besides, what could she possibly say to defend herself?That's exactly what I'm saying! It is hard to get these cakes out with kids even in the house. They are always needing something.
Girl, I know. Those "kinds" of people just make the world harder for decent people to live in. They just don't know who they are, though. I still would like to give a piece of my mind.
SScakes - that's wierd you said that because that's exactly where she works. I wonder what she would do if I just showed up there with the cake.
Such good words of wisdom. It just erks me to no end though. But you are right. I need to let it go. My mother-in-law says "it's just a little bump in the road..."Breath in, breath out....
juleebug - that would kill 'em wouldn't it .cakes22 - would they do a bakery that way? I don't think so..Would they ask Wal-Mart to just drop it off? I did call this girl's aunt this morning, whom I also know, and she told me where she works and to just call her there. That would probably really tick her off though.
She is already on my "Do not take orders from.." list. This is just so upsetting. I just don't understand how someone can be that rude and inconsiderate!
I have been doing cakes for 6 years and this weekend I have been stiffed for the first time. She called last Saturday morning early while I was still in bed. She said her cousin, whom I know, will pick the cake up Saturday (yesterday). Ok. So I get up and get myself decent expecting someone at any minute. The cake was not an easy sheet cake and took some time to do. I waited and waited. I finally called her number. No answer. Her "mailbox" is full so I can't leave a...
Hello...anyone there?
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