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And thank you , jeartist That was the cake I saw that inspired this picture quest... I haven't tried the gelatin bubbles yet, and knew there was an 'easier" example to show for inspiration Thank you both!!!
Yes Jan, thank you!!!!*sigh* I can rest now LOL!!
I can't find it! Argh.does anyone know of the cake?I think it was 3 tiers, champagnes glasses tipped over, and all the champagne bubbles pillling over the sides and down the cake...??Any, and all thoughts and links sooooooo very much appreciated!
I used a roller to smooth the piped colors in the camo bra I did, works great!Just do it lighttly, lightly, lightlyThe hunter was turning 65, the family requested a "naughty but funny cake, PG 13"I did a ladies chest, wearing a camo bra, and it said:"Never Too Old to Appreciate a Great Rack!"LOL!Have fun
Thanks so much!!!Wish me luck!
Does anyone have the link for this?Or can I basically cover a piece of styrofoam, and secure tilted to one side of the cake, with the flowers spilling out?And help, oh so appreciated
Thank you! And those babies are absolutely adorable!!!
Sorry if this has been asked before..Love my new baby mold...but wondering what icing colour to use for tinting the fondant..??And for painting on the shadows, hair and eyebrows.Thanks!!
Thank you!!!DH is taking the kids go-karting, and I'm go-cakingCan't wait
We're going for a family trip Oct28....I should add to WDW, Fl. Are there any "can't miss" cake supply spots?I'm from a rural area in Canada, and the only spot here (an hour away) is a Michaels - with a small cake aisle.Thanks for any suggestions!
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