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Do you mind saying how many it served and how much you charged for the cake? I've done 2 wedding cakes but am still unsure of the pricing for them...I want to make sure that I don't over charge, but I also don't want to "give" them away.
I've baked my cakes as early as Wednesday night to give me Thursday night and Friday night for decorating and Saturday for delivery. They have always stayed fresh and moist. I've used mostly buttercream and mousse as my fillings....but if you are worried about it drying out, as the other ladies said, ice it sooner rather than later. Also, you could put a thin layer of fruit glaze or some liquor (rum) on the cake layers with a pastry brush - such as is done in Cassata...
This place is fantasic! I get all my stuff from here and it gets to me within a day or two. I've found it to be cheaper than most other places., you only need to spend $50 to place an order not $200 like other sites
What would you ladies recommend charging for this cake? It is to serve 140 people and I'm making tiers 12 10 8 6 of yellow cake filled with strawberry mousse and covering it with fondant.
Does anyone have a recipe for MMF?
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