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I wouldn't say the freezer is the culprit by itself.. Maybe the freezing and thawing then refreezing, but not simply freezing them.. if the case is refrigerated that is likely the culprit.. If not, I would venture to say the repeated freezing AND sitting out.all the ideas about how to reach out to customers sound excellent
if you bake in glass or dark metal, I believe the recommendation is to bake lower than normal,
I'm not sure about the white on white cake, but I bake the SW yellow cake often.. Perhaps it was overbaked? I havent tried the modified version.. I have only done the orig version with the sour cream only.for the white on white, are you using a cake pan (2inces or higher?) if so Wilton says (one of the things I generally go by from there) is to bake that size cake at 325 for 35-40 minutes.. I know you baked it longer, but perhaps it was too much batter in the pan.. some of...
they are color coded, but I found out when I bought a yellow one from one place and a yellow from another.. thats what I was talking about.. I have written on the bottom of my pans how many cups each pan takes.. so my layers are the same size, etc..
the nsf is the cert, not the color.. sometimes them lil silly scoops don't even say the ounces.. I wish there was one standard
I use butter.. I prefer the flavor butter gives.. But oil gives a different (lighter texture)
that's funny. I was happy she put "purple nsf scoop" as opposed to "I used my scoop". then there will be posts saying what scoop, where you get it from and blah blah blah.. (although unfortunately, all purple scoops don't hold the same amount )
infintsky, "patisserie coating" is a product also by Guittard that is more fluid than their a'peels. it is still a confectionary coating such as candy melt
Jen, I use Guittard A'peels or even patisserie coating instead of candy melts.. of course A'peels are technically "candy melts" but they taste better! better quality
I also use egg whites in a carton. already pasteurized so I just heat the egg whites and sugar until the sugar dissolves.. actually, in school, we used regular egg whites and still only cooked it until the sugar dissolved. I use the Well Dressed recipe also.. and for my "regular" buttercream, I use a mix of SMBC and shortening/butter buttercream it doesn't crust and it firms up quickly in the cooler..
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