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Texasugar I tried wiring the daisies as you mention and they turned out fantastic, thank you very much it is appreciated.
Thank you so much for your replies will try tonight, wish me luck
I am doing a wedding cake with sugar paste daisies and am wondering if any one has any suggestions on how to wire the daisies.thank you
Does anyone know where I can get a free tutorial on how to make a 3D funky bride and groom, any help will be much appreciated.thanks
I remember once seeing some lace work that was sugared, not made of sugar but coated in sugar. I am interested to find out if any-one has heard of the technique or knows how to do the same.Thanks
HiI need ideas for my own wedding cake. I would like to bake something unusual and interesting. A friend of mine was at a wedding and she said that the cake they served was a White Choclate Mud Lemon Citrus cake and that it was the most amazing cake she had ever tasted. I would like to know if any one on this site has a recepie for that type of cake. Any help would be greatly appreciated.RegarsAnna
Thank you all for your replys.Dear Boring Although I was asked to make the cake (its a love job as all my cakes are) I did advised the bride that I would try and have some one bake it in Bright and then I would decorate it and she was quite OK with it and I can assure you she has no expectations of anything other than having a nice cake for the wedding and if it costs her nothing more the bonus...... Also I would not be taking any credit for baking the cake As to...
Hi,I am writing to find out whether there are any Australians in the Wangaratta area in Victoria or if any one knows some one who does cake decorating in or around the area. I have been asked to make a wedding cake for a wedding the reception which will be taking place in Bright . Because of transport issues etc., I would like to pay someone to bake and ice the wedding cake and deliver it to the venue. If any one knows of any decorators that they thinki may be...
Hi Daisy,When I cover my cakes in fondant I do either one of two things, I usually do not fill them or I fill them with a filling that does not require to be stored in the fridge.Anna
I am so sorry you are going through this trying time. I know exactly how you feel. My advice is be strong and when you feel the weight bearing down on your shoulders straighten up some more you will find the strength in the love you feel for your sister.My prayers are with you and also in the hope of some cure in the future for this terrible desies that has taken away so many lives.
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