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A 6-9-12-14 cake will serve 178, based on 1"x"2"x4" size slices.
Make sure to seal the crack well with buttercream. I would place it on the bottom. I think it would be more likely that the buttercream will crack than the cake to fall. As long as you seal it, you shouldn't have a problem.
If you don't have ball pans, you can also use tissue to "stuff" the bra while it's drying. This won't be as perfectly round as the method with the ball pan though.
I think I've ready somewhere that it had something to do with him being from France and their views on isomalt. Not sure though...
Has anyone used this? I local supplier sells this, and she said that there are multiple cake decorators that use this stuff. Is it a good hi ratio shortening? I searched and found an old post but it won't load. Any help would be appreciated. I want to make the right decision lol
Yeah, I've read all of the old threads. I'm not interested in cake shoppes because they're so expensive. I want to buy wholesale, but now Bakemark and Restaurant Depot or out. I may try Sysco...
Yeah, but I was excited about getting it for around $1/lb rather than like $3/lb like they sell at cake stores. Has anyone used Riceland cake and icing shortening? Lyons distributing in Baytown carries that brand. I called Bakemark, and they require a $200 minimum order for pick-up :-/
Ugh, I just called again to ask what brands they carry. One store only carries Crisco. The other carries FryRite, Bunge, and something that sounded like "Fabrisco" lol I'm not sure what she said. Looks like no luck there
Does anyone know if the Houston stores have hi ratio shortening? I've tried calling, but no one seems to know what they are talking about. I even asked for Sweetex but I don't think she even looked it up. She just kept telling me I'm looking for donut shortening, and I told her no, I'm looking for hi ratio icing shortening. Grr, it's driving me insane. Anyone have any luck? I'm planning on making a trip to Houston on Sunday, and I don't want to waste my time.
I'm looking more for a cash-and-carry type thing. I'm really wanting to get hi ratio shortening wholesale. It's way too expensive to buy from cake shops :-/
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