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I can vouch for the Freckled Mocha Cake - it IS yummy.
Thanks for your help. Indydebi, I think the bride's more interested in not "wasting" money for flowers than in saving money in general. Of course, I haven't given her a price yet, so we'll see . . .Beccakelly, I think I'll go with your suggestion of 4 & 8 inches. She'll have too much cake, anyway, but she seems pretty set on the whole two-tier thing. (She's been listening to the country club's party coordinator a little too much!) I guess I was concerned that 4 & 8...
Despite my vow not to do wedding cakes (not now, anyway), I succumbed to flattery and will be doing table cakes for my DD's Sunday School teacher's third (or fourth?) wedding. I think she needs seven cakes and she wants each to be two tiers. I'm thinking of doing 6 and 9 inch tiers, yellow cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling and buttercream frosting. It's a very simple design of dots (the "Sparkling Champagne" cake from Wilton's Tiered Cakes book). I'm not sure...
Well, I'm not Canadian, and I don't speak French, but I found the following, which might be helpful (again, not speaking French, I'm not sure):, I gather that the May West cake is similar to a Twinkie, so you might want to try a copycat Twinkie filling (those are all over the place). HTH
Cupcake cakes are really surprisingly easy - just pretend the gaps aren't there & frost that sucker good. Don't be intimidated; I was shocked at how simple it was! Assuming your frosting is the right consistency, the gaps aren't noticeable at all (either while working or after the cake is decorated). As far as pricing goes, I have no idea! I've only done a couple, one for my own DD and one for a friend I bartered with. Good luck!
Does anyone have any information about these? I've got a 6quart KA, but I'd like to upgrade so I can make double batches of buttercream. The Cuisinart looks very similar to the Viking 7quart as far as power, features, etc., but I can't find any reviews of it.
I don't have Zingerman's in my area, either. There's only one, in Ann Arbor, MI. I make the 2.5 hour drive at least once a year just for the #28 - Randy's Routine sandwich. Perfect pumpernickel, incredible whitefish salad, yummy cream cheese, a slice of tomato -- heaven!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, BakingGirl!! Do you suppose I could add some toasted coconut in the batter, too? YUM...Theresa, you think this cake is expensive, check out their SIX-inch fondant covered cake:[url]They get $75 for it!!I have to say, though, that Zingerman's is one of my most absolutely favorite places in the world. I don't think I'd spend $75 for a cake to serve 6...
Anybody seen the new Zingerman's catalog? Well, they've got this "summer fling" coffeecake that sounds incredible: "Loaded with slow toasted coconut and lime plus our usual assortment of everyday heroes like fresh eggs, vanilla and real butter." Here's the link: got a similar recipe? I've asked DH to order it for me for mother's day, but I don't think I can wait that long. I've been CRAVING lime lately.
I'm out of town right now after driving with my KA for about 7.5 hours. No problems whatsoever. I put it on its side and pretty much jammed the rest of my luggage around it. It didn't budge.
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