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I have 9 hens, they are little trouble at all.Clean the waterers every day, muck out the coop once a week, collect the eggs a few times a day, scatter the feed morning and night.It costs 19 cents a dozen eggs in feed, a slight bit of electricity for the heat lamp in the winter. The coop was built from recycled wood, they are free- range.But, as pointed out above - forget about vacations unless you have kids taking care of them while you are gone.
I only use shortening if I will have a very hot day, as shortening has a higher melting point than butter.Otherwise, it's butter all the way!
If you give a mouse a cookie.
You shouldn't have any sand to move into the letters if you blow the loose sand off your cake before transport.If you want some loose sand you can either blow it off, transport, and then add loose sand at the location; or write it in the sand at setup.
I don't like the kids eating too much raw cookie dough with either eggs or baking powder/soda in them.The above recipe sounds just fine. Sounds tasty too!
Welcome back, Nikki!Nice to 'see' you again...I'm just returning myself after this insane year we have had.
Too late, I know...More types on the link...
The two people in a corner didn't exclaim it to the room as a whole, or tell you to your face, they were speaking to each other.I just make enough for between 24 and 35 people.
My ideas:Large fondant-covered bread board instead of big slab cake.Barbie cake as requested, Ken dressed in fondant, house cake on individual boards. ( Jen80 has a nice small-sized house cake.)Pretzel rods for trees, pile of wood, and fire. Fire could be a tealight surrounded with the pretzel rods.Cut the Barbie cake, and send the house home with her.
Frankly, you are competition. Don't try to kid yourself you aren't.Many here are one-woman-shows as well, and rely on the legal sale of cakes to pay the bills. Those cakes are made after work and on weekends -just like yours are -a few cakes a week.
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