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Great idea! Thank you so much...that would be great!
Any ideas??!?!?! I am stuck, I will be starting it today but having a hard time pulling my thoughts together on this one....
A family who lost a little girl that attended my daughter's school some years ago donated enough paint to paint the entire school this summer. I wanted to make a cake to say THANK YOU! I have seen the paint cans and thought I would incorporate paint cans in somehow but feel like I want it to be more than that. I feel like because it is almost thanksgiving maybe I could incorporate Thanksgiving in somehow...any ideas at all will be great! Thank you!!!
Will it affect the flavor at all??? (I was thinking meringue powder but I am all out)
I don't even know why I am needing to write this today...after doing cakes for 15 years you would think I can think...but I can't....I figured this pregnancy has just taken over the brain...I made some beautiful purple buttercream....I need it a little thicker without sweetening do I stiffen my BC so I can make some beautiful roses?!?!??Thank you so much in advance....I just cannot think with this nausea today....
there is a recipe for piping gel in the recipe section...I think it has other ingredients in may not work witht just the Karo Syrup
found it....
foam roller...I will see if I can find it too!
I would recommend the same as kakeladi...the consistancy of the tube icing needs to be a little bit thinner and smoother for it to "stick" to the cake...I had this happen once with my own icing even....but when I used just a touch of water and put it back into the bag it was perfect...I wouldn't suggest water for you since you are doing black though....Good luck!
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