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I love glace icing too, but I find I get more pin holes in it then RI.  I toothpick it to death as I see them .  My cookies look fine when I go to bed,and overnight they dry and are full of pinholes.  I am beginning to wonder it's how you beat it. I use a wisk to combine my icing. Should I be using my KA?  Also would glycerin put a shine on cooies?
Made a two tier Tiffany cake, top cake should of had a box top, I just covered whole cake in fondant. Later I realize this mistake. How would I make a box top that overlaps on the sides of cake?            
I know this is an old thread, but if I want to make the SI recipe, where would I find Glycerine and Glucose.  I been to several pharmacy and they look at me like I nuts when I tell them what the glycerine is for, apparently glycerine is only sold in suppository form. Every time I mention glucose they're not sure what I want so they show me a Glucose measuring kit or reader. Anyone have any idea where this is sold?
Thanks I'm baking today so I'll try that and let you know the outcome.
I just made 2 batches of heart shaped NFSC, and now that there cooling off I see pimples all over them. ( Pimples= looks like the cookies have goosebumps.) I don't know why that happened. My oven was hot enough. So was the cooking time. The cookies taste great and are done. Will icing the cookies hide that? I been making the cookies for at least 4 years now and I seen it before, but today they stand out.
Your going to find bakers on here that have it down to a science, and can be done very quickly. I am an occasional baker, I tried to organize step by step, but for some reason just doesn't work out. If it's only a 2 colored cookie, then I have no problem, but when I have several colors and face details, then your talking a couple of days.
Has anyone ever used these to decorate cookies with Toba's Glace or Antonia74 Royal Icing? I feel their expensive, but if it works might be worth it. Here is a link.
where did you get those chocolate shoes?
I'm in a bind. I have the same problem. I need to do 150 stenciled cookies by Nov 4. I read what you done, now my questions are, How large did you make the initials for the stencil, and how did you do the font on the stencil to cut it? Desperate need of an answer. Also how large of a cookie cutter did you use to make all that fit. Thanks
Thanks for replying. The table is beautiful. I love the colors. Everything looks fantastic.
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