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IMB= Italian Meringue ButtercreamFBCT= Frozen Buttercream Transfer
What type of mousse recipe do you use?
Interesting...I've never heard of this recipe. Whenever I need to make a lemon filling I just use a regular lemon curd.
Here is a link to a really pretty black and white cake...just scroll down a bit and it is titled Black on White Design. love that brown cake by is gorgeous!
Icing sugar is just another name for powdered sugar. It is sometimes also called 10x sugar.
I agree about the fake layers...that would make it much more stable.
I usually freeze them and use them for ice cream and lemon curd.
Yep...gotta love the cookie scoop! It is funny, I am actually making muffins as I type and used my large cookie scoop, works perfect everytime!
That sight has awesome pictures! Thanks for the info!
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