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You will need to call your county's health department. They will be able to let you know if you go threw them, or the department of agriculture, or both. They will also be able to provide you with information on contacting the department of agriculture if you need to talk to them.Wilma
tastycakes, That is a great idea for the flowers, I'll have to try it.Wilma
I have the same as kiddiekakes, and wouldn't trade it for anything.Wilma
In my area you can rent fountains although I own mine. I purchased it at my cake supply store but they also rent them out. I bought mine because 1 day every week they give a 20% of everything in the store discount, and it is aways from my home so I figured by the time I drove to pick it up, and then return it I may as well just by it for 20% off. Most people do incorporate the equipment rental into there prices, or if they own one they charge a rental fee for the...
What Mrs. Missey said because by the time you get your cake iced, and then add a border you need the space. So as you said in your original post, six inch cake, eight inch plate which gives you one inch on each side.Wilma
I live in western NY and from what I was told by the health department here. You have to have a seperate kitchen, and have it inspected, and be issued a permit, but it very's from county to county in NY. If you are selling retail ( to the public) this is the way it is in Allegany County, but if you are selling wholesale to restaurants for resale etc., you go through the department of agriculture. I am not lisenced, but the kitchen where I work has to be inspected, so I...
I also have an airmaster by KopyKake, and wouldn't trade it for anything. When I was looking for one that is what the majority recommended. Wilma
Squirrelly, your to funny. But what I said is true and I am sure that everyone appreciates it, I know that I do.Wilma
KHalstead, You'll love squirrelly's advice, and recipe. That is what I use, as do many others on here, and it works great. Squirrelly really knows her stuff, and her Chocolate transfer advise is great also.Wilma
I always freeze mine overnight. The more froze they are the easier they go on the cake. I'm not sure how long you can freeze them ahead though. If buttercream can be froze longer why not these? They are made of buttercream, and that flavor doesn't change in 2 wks. with buttercream icing being froze. But I would wrap them well. Maybe someone else can answer you better.Wilma
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