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I would refrigerate and what are you using for stacking
I too love french buttercream so rich and smooth and elegant. Yes taste like smbc and imbc. I love them all!!!!
I freeze any imbc, smbc or abc, etc. I keep r/i in the fridge. I make all ahead of time and it is ready for my cakes. It makes decorating day so much enjoyable.
I use the smaller and thinner skewers , when i make stand up figures. I model them on a styrofoam block, the hight of the cake and i make sure it goes thru the 3" or 4" styrofoam. That way, i know it will go to base of cake. This is very important to me. If i make them sitting, i take it thru the neck part of body(Head goes on the part that stick up) and bottom to the base.
I wouldn,t even put the water on the fondant . After putting in fridge or freezer. the ribbon should stick and stay when comes to room tempt.
Forgot to say, i learned this in Nick Lodge"s classes and scott woolley's dvd's. Then just lightly dust with super pearl dust and then hold over a steamer or pot of water with steam.They have so many pearl dust of different colors , there might be one close to champagne.  
I would dust just the edges of the flowers with a champagne color dusting powder. Do you have that. Do this with a flat brush and then with a soft round brush. lightly just dust over the petals. Actually , when you dust the edges with the flat brush, it usually makes a lite coating of the dust onto the petal, and that is all you will need to do is just use the soft round brush and lightly stroke the petals. The center is black with the stamens. I think this would look...
Yes, are you talking about a gumpaste magnolia tutorial or buttercream magnolia tutorial.
I always just sit my bow loops on their sides. Always works for me. They dry. I then put together with r/i. I make some tails also. Here is one site. (so many) to help .Again we all do some things different. Some hang over rods to dry. I just sit them up. I have a few cakes in pics that show this. hth
I love smbc. If you know how to use amb, then you can make anything with smbc. I make flowers like you can with amb. I sat in a demo at ices convention. The chef  made all kinds of flowers right on the cake with smbc or imbc. Make same borders as if you were using amb. At least that is what i can do with it. I can make the regular rose, not the ribbon, but making it with rows of petals. You just need to know how to make it at all, and the make it using your smbc. . i...
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