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Yes, are you talking about a gumpaste magnolia tutorial or buttercream magnolia tutorial.
I always just sit my bow loops on their sides. Always works for me. They dry. I then put together with r/i. I make some tails also. Here is one site. (so many) to help .Again we all do some things different. Some hang over rods to dry. I just sit them up. I have a few cakes in pics that show this. hth
I love smbc. If you know how to use amb, then you can make anything with smbc. I make flowers like you can with amb. I sat in a demo at ices convention. The chef  made all kinds of flowers right on the cake with smbc or imbc. Make same borders as if you were using amb. At least that is what i can do with it. I can make the regular rose, not the ribbon, but making it with rows of petals. You just need to know how to make it at all, and the make it using your smbc. . i...
Why did  you get to decorate a cake in class. I teach wilton. In second class , the students torte , fill and ice their cakes and at end of class , they decorate it. In 4th class they bring cake to class already iced and decorate that cake that nite. This is the way course 1 is done. First nite, they decorate cookies. and 3rd nite it is cupcakes. I make sure this all happens.
ddaigle  has given your GREAT advice.Also, look at the pic again, and try to place the blue pieces as shown on the cake. It iwll turn out good. Just take a deep breath, get in your mind what it should look like and go from there. I have done this in my life of decorating . Most of us have.GOOD LUCK!!
I don,t know what you did wrong, but please just use the premade wilton g/p. It rolls out so easy and you can thin the edges so good, etc. Nick Lodge has a great recipe too. These two are my favorite g/p.hth
I agree with the premade witlon g/p. I also make nick lodge. These two are my favorites.
I make a 3" round disk of g.p only. Let that dry really hard. I let my g/p or g/p and fondnant loops dry really hard. I put nice glob of royal icing(same color as loop) in center of disk. Then start putting my first layer of loops. i wait little  bit to let this set up, not long and the add little more r/i and add next set of loops ,etc. I truly have nver had any to break. I take an 8" cake board. put a little r/i and then the disk to hold all this down. I leave it all...
Forgot to post the first one. But was just a smaller recipe. I make s/b , b/b ,pineapple, etc. same way. You can use fresh fruit also. I usually sugar fresh fruit the nite before.
This is similiar. I,ve made it like this for so long. Have made the r/b cream on also.
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