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I too love pettinice.
Yes, 85 is a great price. also for the time consuming ruffles. very pretty
HI, will this help you.
I have my tv on cooking channel or old tv series
If this isn,t it, then google how to make a lipstick cake. I saw tutorials on that also
Hi, this is a link showing how to make fondant lipstick. but are you asking this or an actual cake shaped like lipstick. i saw that also when i googled fondant lipstick tutorial.
I have also made a gold plaque. I airbrushed it gold. I then wrote with r/i the date of marriage thru 50 yrs. also the large gold 50, the blue flowers will be pretty with little gold added. good luck i know it will be pretty.
Hi, smaller version of 2d is 224 and 225. check  it out on wilton site. I have used it many times as i do 2d
also been using it for years. never had problems.
Hey, i am looking at the pic again, Yes, i do see a cake board underneath top layer. Look at 3rd pic down, i think side view and you will see it. It has to be . lol!!!
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