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this is a german buttercream on brave tarts site. haven,t made it though.
I have also made Cake Man Ravens rv cake. I really like it. Bobby Flay beat him in the challenge thought. Want to make Bobbys , but haven,t as of yet. I would never mess with the recipe of either one.
Sharon Zambito use to have it on her blog using fondant.
Jennifer Dontz shows it on her web site also. It is beautiful.
Hi, this is a great read. This is exactly what I would do to save my cake for 2 days. hth  your cake could get dry just in the fridge. Leah_s on this site tells us that. I listen to her !
Hi, this might help you. I did not watch it, but it looks like you can learn how to make the body and then the pic you show , you can go from there.
Hi, I use to have windows xp for some years. I could help people with their questions by looking on another site  by clicking on right side of curor at top of page and click copy , then link it to reply here on c/c by clicking paste.I cannot do this now with windows 7 . It shows the whole page of tutorials, etc. How do I copy and paste a link here now. I cannot figure it out. I know about highlighting and holding ctrl and c and then ctrl and then v. etc. I feel like I am...
I just saw this. hth
my gardenias were beautiful this year. i picked a few, tore each petal off. laid on cardstock and traced each petal. now i have exact copy and will soon try to make them with modeling chocolate. Yes, they all look different.Elcee, yours looks really good. will post when i ever do mine. lol!!!
I too love pettinice.
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