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Hi, when I want to make fondant decorations or gumpaste decorations, I cover a 11"x15" cake board with white freezer paper. I leave the shiny side up. I never put shortening, powder sugar or corn starch on it. I roll out,cut my deco, let it set just a minute and then pick  up with pointed angle spatula and lay under plastic of some kind. (have different ways). I even use my tappit cutters the same way. I keep several lare boards covered with this all the time for this...
I personally , would use modeling chocolate for the flowers.
I saved a carrot cake at Christmas , just using the icing to glue it. It worked great. It was for family use. If had been for client, I would have baked it over. In Wilton class, I helped student save her one layer . It just fell all apart. We glued it with buttercream. Two tier. She was able to decorate it very pretty. Don,t know if it fell apart going home. I froze my carrot cake as I worked with it. hth
I just finished a 12"x18" one layer sheet cake(carrot with cream cheese icing) Made fondant farm animals and barn. airbrushed sky blue and grass green) Charged $150.00 for it and she was more that happy with the price. Sheet cakes can be a lot of work. I don,t set a price. I figure everything before I give the price. If they want it, fine , if not fine. I usually get to do it. If they got the money , honey, I got the time. lol!!!
Hi, I have printed this recipe in the past on his site. I cannot find it now. Linking you to another site with the recipe. I hope this is what you need. He adds(in the recipe I printed from his site) 3/4 cup more cake mix flour along with the smaller versions of the cake mixes. So he is using 3 eggs. hth
Nicholas Lodge has a great recipe. Been using it for years. Just go to and it is on that site. Or Just google Nicholas Lodge gumpaste recipe and you will see several sites for it. It is easy to make . Easy to roll thin and thin the petals etc. I can,t say enough about it. I use that or wilton premade. I love them both.hth
Would it be this gold leaf product that was used?
I have frozen buttercream frosted cakes many times. Also smbc covered cakes. I put heavy foil in the bottom of each box, then wrap the box good with heavy foil (tape box first) The night before or the morning I want it , I take out of freezer and take the foil off. It works great for me. I  usually  take it in the coolest room of the house to let it thaw. Again, always works for me. hth They look great and  taste great.
Candmarie, that is a fantastic tutorial  Thanks for posting This site is so awesome for giving help and receiving it.I love to give and I love to receive.
makes it more dense
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