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Hope this helps.
Yes, you can do exactly as you say!!! You can even prepare the fondant decos ahead. Put in closed container. I actually lay mine out on a white freezer paper  covered cake board, , shiny side up. wrap with saran. place in fridge and when ready , place on cake. I do this with modeling chocolate decos also. this helps so much with time. hth
I never crumb coat anything , but my chocolate cakes. I learned this back when I first started decorating from a professional baker and decorator. It works for me.
I made mine , using the fondant and g/p mixture. I made 2, just to be safe. Learned this from Sharon Zambito!!!
Hi, maybe this will help. 
Hi, when I want to make fondant decorations or gumpaste decorations, I cover a 11"x15" cake board with white freezer paper. I leave the shiny side up. I never put shortening, powder sugar or corn starch on it. I roll out,cut my deco, let it set just a minute and then pick  up with pointed angle spatula and lay under plastic of some kind. (have different ways). I even use my tappit cutters the same way. I keep several lare boards covered with this all the time for this...
I personally , would use modeling chocolate for the flowers.
I saved a carrot cake at Christmas , just using the icing to glue it. It worked great. It was for family use. If had been for client, I would have baked it over. In Wilton class, I helped student save her one layer . It just fell all apart. We glued it with buttercream. Two tier. She was able to decorate it very pretty. Don,t know if it fell apart going home. I froze my carrot cake as I worked with it. hth
I just finished a 12"x18" one layer sheet cake(carrot with cream cheese icing) Made fondant farm animals and barn. airbrushed sky blue and grass green) Charged $150.00 for it and she was more that happy with the price. Sheet cakes can be a lot of work. I don,t set a price. I figure everything before I give the price. If they want it, fine , if not fine. I usually get to do it. If they got the money , honey, I got the time. lol!!!
Hi, I have printed this recipe in the past on his site. I cannot find it now. Linking you to another site with the recipe. I hope this is what you need. He adds(in the recipe I printed from his site) 3/4 cup more cake mix flour along with the smaller versions of the cake mixes. So he is using 3 eggs. hth
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