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here is a great thread.
when I make the center for the sunflower, I make the brown center good size. I then tape about 5 24 g wire together really tight, about 1 1/2 " down. After I tape them, I prong them outwards. turn base over. put glue on wires, and press into the center. I use Dresden tool to help press these wires and also to make sure they stay until dried. hth yes, then make the petals(little ahead of time) and then press into center(after setting up for a little while) then I place the...
Hope this helps.
Yes, you can do exactly as you say!!! You can even prepare the fondant decos ahead. Put in closed container. I actually lay mine out on a white freezer paper  covered cake board, , shiny side up. wrap with saran. place in fridge and when ready , place on cake. I do this with modeling chocolate decos also. this helps so much with time. hth
I never crumb coat anything , but my chocolate cakes. I learned this back when I first started decorating from a professional baker and decorator. It works for me.
I made mine , using the fondant and g/p mixture. I made 2, just to be safe. Learned this from Sharon Zambito!!!
Hi, maybe this will help. 
Hi, when I want to make fondant decorations or gumpaste decorations, I cover a 11"x15" cake board with white freezer paper. I leave the shiny side up. I never put shortening, powder sugar or corn starch on it. I roll out,cut my deco, let it set just a minute and then pick  up with pointed angle spatula and lay under plastic of some kind. (have different ways). I even use my tappit cutters the same way. I keep several lare boards covered with this all the time for this...
I personally , would use modeling chocolate for the flowers.
I saved a carrot cake at Christmas , just using the icing to glue it. It worked great. It was for family use. If had been for client, I would have baked it over. In Wilton class, I helped student save her one layer . It just fell all apart. We glued it with buttercream. Two tier. She was able to decorate it very pretty. Don,t know if it fell apart going home. I froze my carrot cake as I worked with it. hth
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