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When I make peanut butter smbc, I make the smbc, then at the end , I add all natural peanut butter to taste. It is delicious. Anything that you add, it is always at the end. hth
Sharon Zabito recipes also. She lives in Louisiana!!!
I enlarged the picture to the fullest. It looks like fondant(add some tylose or just gumpaste) and they are cut outs. blue and white glued together.
I am  sending a great link on this subject.
I use melted semi sweet chocolate to any of my buttercreams. let it cool at at the end. I use enough to taste as I want it to taste. I don,t use cocoa. You can, but I like the nice semi sweet chocolate.
yes, it is a box of jello instant pudding mix. you add it dry. I see a lot of from scratch cakes using it now too. Can be store brand also.
Hi, I have not tried this, have saved it for a while. I make her caramel filling and it is so delicious. sending link for the chocolate. Now I am going to make it. lol!! let us know if it is good. I will too.!!She use to post a lot. haven,t seen her around lately.
Hi, I actually saw this on a youtube video. last week. goggle that and see if you see it. I can,t think of her name right now.I will look some more also.
I love to work with modeling chocolate. I met mari senago 10 years ago at ices convention. She is the greatest!! I take her demos at ices anytime she does them. I love lauren kitchens. I take her demos also at convention.She has a great tutorial on youtube about it all. I love Mike Mccarey. Did my grandsons truck cake using his instructions. Love working with modeling chocolate. Taste good, if you use the right chocolate, etc. Cut right thru it, No peeling back. !!
Will this...
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