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Hi, I actually saw this on a youtube video. last week. goggle that and see if you see it. I can,t think of her name right now.I will look some more also.
I love to work with modeling chocolate. I met mari senago 10 years ago at ices convention. She is the greatest!! I take her demos at ices anytime she does them. I love lauren kitchens. I take her demos also at convention.She has a great tutorial on youtube about it all. I love Mike Mccarey. Did my grandsons truck cake using his instructions. Love working with modeling chocolate. Taste good, if you use the right chocolate, etc. Cut right thru it, No peeling back. !!
Will this...
Hi, found this, using polymer clay. hth
I am praying that you will not make this cake. It is not worth what he will put you thru. Take the next person that will be nicer. He is domineering or the bride to be would have spoken up about her wedding cake too. believe me, I know some domineering men. Thank God, mine is not!!!   Run,Forest,Run!!!! lol!!!
Hi, here is a link.
AZ, looked at all your beautiful cake pics. You do amazing work!! Your painting details are just beautiful!!would love to have your painting talent!!!
Hi, sending you a link, might help you. hope so.
I, personally play it safe. Haven,t done one like this before. But , I would have the hat cake on same shape cake board as cake. I would place a few plastic dowels on bottom cake, and center dowel thru the hat cake. This way, you won,t be worried as you pick it up or travel with it(or client travel with it) that it will split and fall apart. This is just how I would do it. Im sure  you will get more responses.YOu could take off hat cake or leave on and cut that first,...
Hi, so many recipes for this. I have tried a few. I like this one also.       whisk 8 oz. cream cheese(I also use half c/c and half mascarpone cheese)   add, 1/2 cup powder sugar and 2 t vanilla.   add, 2 cups heavy whipping cream and then on med. high beat until stiff peaks.     always start off with cold mixing bowl and beaters. This is delicious. It is not stiff, but , maybe medium. it does stay very well. I use in and on my cupcakes. filling for cakes and...
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