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This may not be what you are wanting, but sending anyway. She helped a lot of decorators on this site with this post. .
I saw it on the Chew this week or last. The mother to be surprised the father to be and Godfather to be with it . It was blue inside. They were all in awe!!!
When, I make something using fondant(I rather use modeling chocolate) I make them ahead and place them in a x-large freezer bag. I lay this on flat pan in fridge. When I get the tiers all together, I then start putting my chocolate decos on the cake. I use sugar glue or piping gel. This is my opinion as to how I do it.  I hate having to make the decos day of decorating cake. It just saves so much time. Looking at this pic, you could definetly do this way. good luck.So much...
 I'm fixing to make the silver butterflies soon for my daughters anniversary, I have watched Claire Bowman videos over and over. So I am ready! Ha! Yes, after I make the silver, I will have to make white cake lace and the pearl cake lace. and mix these as she says. and then put that on the dried silver and rebake  again.Then you lay them over foil former and back again .  She says that is the same way you do the white ones. Use white first, bake. cool. mix the white and...
You hit it on the nail. Hot kitchen, warm icing. Set up some fans if you have any. good luck on finding the right butter. I have made it with many different name brands. always works for me. nice and silky.
K8memphis, you are always so kind in your response to all of us. What u said to Owatto, should make her feel so much better. When I enter our state fair, I always say as I am decorating, I worked hard on this, so did the next person. If I win, I win, if I loose I loose. I will try again next year. I try to go into any completion with  my heart and soul!! So Owatto, you tried hard, the others did too. we all learn from our mistakes. K8memphis, I always enjoy reading your...
kakeladi, as much advice as I have seen you give on this site, ever since I have been on here, you  certainly can charge 30 dollars an hour plus your gas. I have a past student(taught wilton 8 yrs. also up until june of this year. She wants to come here and let me teach her. I haven,t given her an answer yet. Ive been baking and decorating 21 yrs. and have spent thousands of dollars on learning from the best. I am sure you have too. good luck. hope all goes well.
Hi, I have read so many ways here on c/c . Here are a few. hth
Hi, you actually wrap it tight. Not loose, like draping. Wrap it with cling wrap, etc.
Google , amazing chocolate wasc cake by cakepro(member on this site) . The most delicious chocolate wasc yet!! Her amazing lemon one also. Delicious!!! I add blueberries, raspberries, etc. to this lemon one. I can,t make a scratch lemon as good as this one. I certainly have tried all lemon recipes. hth
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