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Hi, I have read so many ways here on c/c . Here are a few. hth
Hi, you actually wrap it tight. Not loose, like draping. Wrap it with cling wrap, etc.
Google , amazing chocolate wasc cake by cakepro(member on this site) . The most delicious chocolate wasc yet!! Her amazing lemon one also. Delicious!!! I add blueberries, raspberries, etc. to this lemon one. I can,t make a scratch lemon as good as this one. I certainly have tried all lemon recipes. hth
When I make peanut butter smbc, I make the smbc, then at the end , I add all natural peanut butter to taste. It is delicious. Anything that you add, it is always at the end. hth
Sharon Zabito recipes also. She lives in Louisiana!!!
I enlarged the picture to the fullest. It looks like fondant(add some tylose or just gumpaste) and they are cut outs. blue and white glued together.
I am  sending a great link on this subject.
I use melted semi sweet chocolate to any of my buttercreams. let it cool at at the end. I use enough to taste as I want it to taste. I don,t use cocoa. You can, but I like the nice semi sweet chocolate.
yes, it is a box of jello instant pudding mix. you add it dry. I see a lot of from scratch cakes using it now too. Can be store brand also.
Hi, I have not tried this, have saved it for a while. I make her caramel filling and it is so delicious. sending link for the chocolate. Now I am going to make it. lol!! let us know if it is good. I will too.!!She use to post a lot. haven,t seen her around lately.
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