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Can I use cake pop coating as white chocolate (melted from chips)? Everywhere I can see is Wilton Candymelts which I don't like.. They taste ok but white chocolate is YUMM....   How do I use it?.. It didn't melt like candy melts.. TIA
Just wondering if you really need to have a pastry chef degree or at least some sorts of certification to open a cupcake & cake bake store front? I know technically not needed for the process but just for having extra knowledge or experience?... Planning to open a shop but getting SO nervous bcoz my degree is from totally diff field but cake decorating is my SOLID hobby & people are approaching me for orders seeing my designs. TIA
Thanks all for all your thoughts... Appreciated.. :)
Just wondering if cake/cupcake shops, they use cake mixes or do they make it with scratched recipes?
Whats the difference between Cricut Cake express & Provo Crickut cake?? Are these same products/ If not which one is better.. TIA   Where can I buy cheapest.
Can anyone PLEASE give me eggless chocolate "tried" recipe which gives you super moist spongy cake.. One should say "oh is it eggless??..  No way .. u kidding me".. like that...   Also, Can I replace All Purpose with Cake flour when recipe says All Purp.??  Adding Enger-G egg replacer to eggless recipe just by calculating egg/serving .. will this work?? Thanks in advance.
Just curious how much Bubble Cakes cost generally? This beautiful 3-tier cake would be how much?
I tried using Ener-G egg replacer for box mix cake as well as scratched recipe ... In both the time my cake crumbled a LOT.. How do I fix it? I followed exact instruction on egg replacer box ... Both the time cake was fluffy, tooth pick came out well dry.. but while eating felt like its little odd.. Box mix felt soggy & scratched one felt dry with crusty top & little powdery .. very odd :( Any suggestions on how to fix this issue..?
How do I get a crisp clean slices after I cut a cake? Usually I don't get very sharp slices. I use mousse/SMBC/fudge fillings with/without fresh fruit pieces.. 
Does cake flour have egg content in it?.. Ingredient doesn't say so but there was a note written which says "May contain egg, milk etc"...Making a vegan cake... What do u think?
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