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The cardboard triangle makes it look so easy!
Ohhlala! So glad I stumbled upon this great tip!!
Wow...this is a wonderful list!! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into compiling it!
Nice pointers CC'ers!!! Tha is for sharing. 
Nice camera!
Very nice!!!! Thanks for taking the time to post tutorials!
Whew.. I finally made it to the end. Thanks to all you great cc'ers for the wealth of information. Now I've got totr my hand at this yummy method. Thanks again!!!!
I usually coat w/ BC first, then cover in fondant. I also find it makes your finish product less bumpy if you apply quite a bit of pressure when forming your piece(s). It kind of crushes the cereal and flattens it. HTH
Something better and easier than BC to crumbcoat? i have to find time to read through the thread in its entirety, this sounds promising!!!
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