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Hi, does anyone have a good recipe for a sugar-free coconut cake? Thanks
How much would you charge for these? They are homemade (cake and icing)? I'm thinking about doing them as a bouquet. Thanks
Can you please supply the website for sugarshack? thanks
What a great job!!! What video helped you with this?
Wow!!!What an excellent job! Well done!!
what is WASC?
Hello, I must say that I am TOTALLY addicted to CakeCentral. Everyone is so darn creative and knowledgeable. Anyway, is there a difference between a cupcake recipe and a cake recipe?Look forward to the responses. thanks
Thanks for the great ideas!
If you are still handing them out, I would like a copy. ajohnson89@sbcglobal.netThanks so much.
I got a call yesterday from a friend asking if I could make cookies for a Bridal Shower (April) about 50 people. The colors are Peach and White. Any ideas. . .presentation, designs, price? Thanks for your help. [/b]
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