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Thank you for the advice! I never even thought about mailing even though I have to mail the cake pan to my mom anyway. That's a great idea to fedex it all ahead of time!Thanks everyone!!
Anyone know if the airlines will allow the metal tips and spatulas in a carry-on bag while flying? I'm flying to NY to decorate my sister's wedding cake, but don't want to check my bag.Thanks in advance!!!
If you have the pampered chef bowls that pour (can't think of the name of them), you can use those too. Double check to make sure they're oven safe, but I know I've used them once or twice. I have the wilton pan too, and they come out the same...
Those all sound great!!! Thank you for the ideas!!! I may go with the strawberry flavor... hmmmmm...
I'm looking for a filling/flavor combo to go with a vanilla, yellow, or white cake. It's for a baby shower, and I already have peanut butter, orange and chocolate combos picked out, but thought I should have one that is more on the simpler side. Any ideas??TIA!!!
Hi, please pm me your info as well. I'd love to send some cookies and will add some cards made by my 3rd graders! Thank you for your service to our country!!
I agree with you: I don't like chocolate cake either! It's strange, I know! The only thing I can think of is to add chocolate chips into your batter before you bake it, that seems to help for me. If I have to make it for a party I'll be going to (cuz then I know I'll HAVE to eat a piece) I add the choc chips... It tastes better to me and I can at least get through a piece of the cake...Otherwise, I do not eat choc cake.As for it being greasy... I have no idea how to...
When I did mine (only tried once so far), after I molded it, I put it in the fridge to harden up for a little while, then I poured some melted chocolate (the melts) over the top and put it back in the fridge to harden some more. Then I frosted like normal. Although, mine was laying flat on the cake board, so I don't know if that would work if it needs to stand up.HTH
Last fall I used the Southern Butter Pecan coffee creamer in a yellow cake mix... It was amazing!! I also put some coconut in the buttercream and it went very well together!!
You could use styrofoam that is 1-2 inches thick... That's what I used for my Firetruck cake. Just cut it about 1 inch smaller than the base board the cake itself will be sitting on. And make sure to 'glue' the styro to the board and also the cake board to the styro, that way nothing slides.HTH!!!
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