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How about, Laura's Growing Garden DaycareLove's Growing GardenGrowing Garden Daycare"We help bring 'em up right!""Growing happy, healthy, bright kids every day!""The perfect place for YOUR little sunshines!"
Hi Guys,Just ordered a big new Roulpat, mainly for rolling out fondant. There's no paperwork with it explaining it's uses/capabilities...I ususally use FONDEX brand fondant, and occasionally MMF. So, what's the deal, do I not use any powdered sugar or cornstarch or shortening when I roll things out? IF I roll out a large piece of fondant, do I just flip it onto the cake, or pick it up off the roulpat and then lay it onto the cake?Also, can I cut strips on this with a...
Hello all,Just had a bride change her mind, and would like the following cake she found on the knot... the brief description given on the page, I think I get it, but anyone done this one before, and have some tips for me?Also, it's hard to tell what's going on at the top and base of each cake...almost looks like plates, or ??? ...I...
Lost my recipe on how to turn MMF into Chocolate MMF! Can anyone tell me how for a batch that is made with a 10 oz. bag of marshmellows?Thanks so much!!
Oops, look at my teeny tiny avatar! Can you tell I'm new here?
Has anyone used MMF to cover dummy/display cakes? If so, how's the longevity on the finished product? Do you recommend it? Figured this would be the cheapest way to make a few wedding cake displays, but I'd like them to last for a couple of years.Thanks!
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