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Tammy, if i do the cab area like you said can I add a gumpaste roof and then cover the whole thing in fondant? Will the gumpaste hold up?? I want it to look like one piece.
I have a request for a grooms cake that is a duplicate of his truck with there two dogs in the back and the couple in the truck. I can do the truck and the dogs but need suggestions on how to get the couple inside the truck??? Any suggestions and help that I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Does anyone have a template for a pump style shoe??? I have a order for a pillow cake with Cinderellas shoe on top. I have looked and can only find the sandal type.
dragonflydreams - Yes the bubblegum rose tutorial would be great. Thanks!
I have an order for cupcakes to go along with a gum ball machine theme birthday party. Does anyone have any ideas other than putting gumballs on top??? Help!!
I just made 100 wedding favor cookies that were the heart shaped wedding dress and tux. They were iced in royal icing and bagged. I stacked them in a box on there sides and was able to stack another row on top. I had to drive an hour and a half to the location and they arrived just fine. I dont know how the RBC would hold up I dont use it on cookies.
There is a bakery shop in a small town about 20 minutes away that has done great business over the years because it is the only bakery in that area. I just found out that they bought out another bakery here in the town I am in. They do a majority of sheet cakes, but also do wedding cakes and cookies. I have been thinking about getting a job in the cake industry and thought this might be the perfect place to start. The bakery does not do any fondant work. Other...
Thank you everyone for your input. I charged her an additional $20 for 24 cup cakes.
No sorry! It was quiet for me this week, but I have a very busy week starting Sunday. Good luck and can't wait to see them when your done.
need help quick. Shes coming by to discuss what she wants. Any help would do.
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