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Does anyone know what kind of LED lights were used on the floral cake that was featured on Cake Boss a couple of nights ago, and where to get them? They looked very small and bright, maybe about 1" long each? Thanks!
I like Beth19's idea of grass on top the cup cakes. Perhaps you can make some clouds with gumpaste or RI on wires and stick them into the cupcakes. That way you can still have clouds and she can have chocolate under the grass.
I feel for you, lynda-bob. I am also a SAHM. I made very good money before I had my son so when I decided not to go back to work after the end of my maternity leave my mother and stepfather were giving me so much trouble. Ironically my in-laws were very supportive, they were actually hoping that I'd stay home with Iain. My husband makes good money and I still do some computer work from home since I quit my job. We're quite comfortable on our incomes; yet my parents still... has a different kind of bead/pearl maker that is cheaper and easier to use than the silicone mold ones. This site has a huge selection and their prices are very good. Just be careful that you won't go crazy shopping, he he he. Another good site to check out is They have great prices and good customer service. I have ordered from both these stores and never had any trouble. My recommendation would have to be the celpad from...
Hi cake artists,This is the first time I posted in the forum and I can't wait to see your responses. I haven't bought any commercial fondant besides Wilton (for decorations only). The Wilton stuff as we all know is great for making decorations but doesn't taste good. I want to start trying some other brands but have no idea which to try and not having to worry about wasting my $$$. I heard that the Chocopan fondant has white chocolate and tastes pretty good. Has anyone...
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