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I save mine for a Yellow cake, or if I make a yellow cake and have leftover whites I have made an Egg white omlet.
I did this cake for my son's second birthday, its a pretty basic and simple cake the car, balloons and sign came in a party kit, its scratch yellow cake and BC icing. Not my most creative cake but it got rave reviews from all the guests.
I'm not 100% sure but I use as a reference the earliest date that any ingredient would expire when kept in the fridge as the cut off date for my butter cream icing, however if you have any doubts don’t use it.
I frequently have baked in glass and Pyrex with no problems; my min wedding cake was cooked in a few glass dishes. In addition from what others have said about no broiler and no range top don’t put any cold liquids in them when they are hot. The rapid cooling could cause them to shatter as well.
This is a miniature bridal shower cake I made for my sister’s shower. The bottom layer is a 6” round, the middle layer is a 4” round I made from a bowl and the top is a cupcake cut to size.It is covered in butter cream icing.This was originally going to be a MMF cake but MMF and I do not get along. I had difficulty getting the MMF to go on smooth and the swags and flowers kept cracking.I'll have to do more pratice with MMF
Thanks for the quick response. When I finish the cake I will be sure to post a pic.
I am using MMF for the first time I am using the Easy MMF recipe from this site. I am almost ready to place the fondant on the cake. I have never done any kind of fondant before I have read that for regular fondant you put a layer of butter cream on prior to the fondant is this the same for MMF?Thanks for your help
I am planning on my first MMF decorated cake in the next couple of days. My question is how do I get the decorations to stick on the cake? I was thinking of doing some swags, and I don’t want them to fall off on me.I have searched for a while but didn’t find the answer I am looking for.Thanks in advance for any help.
Thanks for the replies, I recently found out it is Baby Einstein not Little Einstein. I was able to get a couple of the DVD covers to look at. Depending on the number of servings they need I will was thinking of doing something incorporating the caterpillar on cake on top of a sheet cake. If not too many servings are needed I will probably do either the Goat or the dragon on a sheet cake. Once I complete the cake I will take some photos and post them.
If you are using the Wilton icing Colors buy a bottle of Glycerin you mix small amounts that into the dried up color and it restores it to a usable consistency
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