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This is about the cheapest I've found them!
I'm also a little confused about her wanting a free groom's cake... The wedding is over, right?
Looks like satin ribbon to me, too, but I don't see why you couldn't do it in fondant, as well. Roll it out real thin (like with a pasta roller, maybe) and cut it into long "ribbons"...?
Yes, I would agree, $4 easily. What about just piping the inital in royal? That would save you a lot of work!
Interesting. I'll keep my eyes peeled this weekend!Thanks again!!
Aah ok, those are great ideas! With some varying height on my table too, I think it'll look good. GeminiRJ - I've never heard of a grapevine cone before, but I googled it. Where would I find something like that, do you know?!Thanks!!
newb2: Those were long before the kopykake, but fortunately an "M" is a nice easy letter to do freehand MariaK38: Those are adorable! I've never used edible markers before. Seems that they'd be much easier than piping royal details... I'll have to try em someday.
I'm doing my first craft fair in a couple of weeks with cookies, and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as far as display? I have all these great ideas of what kinds of designs I want to make, but I have no idea how I think I'm going to set them up so they're not just laying flat on the table like lumps, or crammed in bowls. They're going to be individually packaged, of course... Any ideas?!
I bought one a few months back (found it on CraigsList for $100 - SCORE!) and I absolutely LOVE it! It's awesome for tracing, and more detailed work that I would probably never be able to do freehand. I'm just a hobby baker also, but I say if you've got a chance to snag one and you're comfortable with the price, go for it!
It's not actually a Pyrex bowl, its just some white bowl I got at Wal Mart a while back. It's this one: but it's a 6" bowl, not a 9" one. I'll try and post the cake that it made.
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