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I would thing Petit Fours and Truffles, original and cake truffles would be good to add.
How! How can I possibly choose between these two gorgeous cakes?! I dream of cakes like this. Someday to clean the feet of these decorators...Oh well, if I have to choose, it will be ... psych!
I am having problems with my Powerpoint. Can I put the rulers on the sides, or is that a Publisher thing only? Also, is there a version of Publisher that won't break my bank? This looks like the type of thing that will help me out very much. The cake here is beautiful!
I will be there to watch, would love to meet some of ya'll.
I use parchment for small detail work, featherweights for basic icing, and disposables for all else. And when I make my mini cupcakes or muffins, I use a disposable bag for that too. Found that it is real easy to fill the liners with a bag, rather than with a spoon or spatula.
I will definetely have to try the recipe when I get to GA. As for the consistency, I usually have a playdoh feel to mine. It is hard to explain, but I add just a little liquid at a time, until the mixture is not sticking to the gloves (I mix it by hand). And as for price, I measure my minis at 1/2 tblsp and charge $12 for 2 dozen. My large ones measure at 1 tblsp and those sell for $12 for 1 dozen.Now, my prices were set for Alaska, so I am not sure if they will be...
Geesh, I'm kinda glad I've been stuck on the road for the past 20 days with no internet (and 5 more to go). I would hate to read that somebody is unhappy with CC. With all I have learned from you amazing decorators, I don't think anything could be bad enough that I wouldn't want to talk to you anymore.Keep up the great work Jackie and Heath! You are wonderful!!!
I use pre-made pudding cups, HTH.
Mine is my business logo. My last name is Wolfley, so I had to have a Wolf and a Cake. My best friend of 25+ yrs helped me design it. I wanted something fun, since I like to do different cakes. And I really want to learn to sculpt more.
This isn't You Tube, but similar, and this is a very talented CC decorator. one on You Tube teaches how to make a paper cone:
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