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Congrats!!!! I'm happy that it went so well for being your first!!
Going along with bridal magazines and site putting ideas in peoples head--- I am getting married next may and so I check out the knot message boards. Someone said they couldnt afford the cake prices in their area, so someone told them to get a dummy cake and then have sheet cakes. People think that a dummy cake will cost a whole lot less, but in reality, can cost just as much as a regular cake because it takes just as much work decorating..
yes, use the paddle. What kind of buttercream do you make? When I took classes I was told to NOT use the whip, only the paddle.
I made the butter cake recipe and it turned out really dry compared to what im used to. Has anyone else had this problem??? I made the white cake last night, and I will see how it tastes when I eat in tomorrow. Also, my sister wants the cake that is on the cover, their signature cake I guess. Has anyone made this? I have never made a tilted cake and any help would be greatly appreciated!
I had the same problem last weekend with a two tiered cake. The bottom cake was doweled, but it still bulged.
for coloring the fondant, you may want to use plastic gloves. Otherwise it may dye your hands, which i have had happen many times! you just add some gel coloring and knead in until it is colored. I think that any buttercream with work under the fondant. The crusting bc may work better since it will be less likely to stick or move around under the fondant, but I have never covered a whole cake in it. HTH. GOOD LUCK!
very good job!! you should be proud since this is only your 3rd cake!
I have made it and i dont really care for it. It had no flavor to me, and i had to add a lot of flavoring to give it any at all. I also like icing that crusts. I think that this icing would also not be good for this time of year, since my crusting icing id struggling when brought out in the heat, let alone icing that never sets up.
If you look at the cakes by cakery, they are really cute. Heres a link to her cakes.
Here is a pic. The tee was garnet, but it looks black in this pic for some reason!
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