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It's respectful to give credit where due. "A copy of an original design by XXX" or at least that it was "inspired by XXX."I often get cakes that I've seen done so many times it's impossible to decipher the original artist, so I just go by whomever's name is on the photo given to me - or find one similar if the photo does not include a name.I always tell the person requesting the cake,though, that I prefer to make a custom design, and ask them which aspects of the cake in...
You can leave the figurines on the cake. I do.
You can freeze a cake covered in fondant. Don't wrap it in plastic. It is best inside a cardboard box to protect; DO thaw it first in the fridge overnight. As it comes to room temp, it will develop condensation like anything will, but it dries just fine. For it to make it 10 days, it will have to go in the fridge when it gets to it's destination. Take it out of the fridge 2 to 3 hours prior to the event.A more stable filling than cream cheese filling is white-chocolate...
No, if cover it in wrap it will stick to the condensation. You could put in a box, but it will still develop condensation when you take it out. The condensation dries and your cake will be fine. I've used Satin Ice, Fondarific, and Wilton in the past, but I exclusively use MMF now. They all react the same - just condensation that dries. It does take longer to dry the more humid it is.
I always put fondant covered cakes in the fridge, as I work them late Friday nights (typically) and finish work Sat morning. I have never had a problem with my fondant. I actually try to add as much decor as I before the condensation dries because it allows me to apply decor without needing to brush water or sugar glue ot my pieces.I have cakes in the fridge for 5 days without staleness. I have one customers whose kid's bithdays land during our annual vacation, so quite...
I mix vodka with corn syrup - it dries shiny and not sticky.
325 should be sufficient. I've found that if the oven temp is too low when using bake even strips, the cake has a bigger tendency to sink.
Use bake even strips and fill the pans fuller.
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