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I don't knwo it started doing that - it happened after an update. Try to copy/paste the link insteda of clicking on it.  Each time I get to the page, the URL is different and the last word in the URL is "edit".  I have to figure out how to allow permission.
One more tip I recently came to realize: When making MMF, the Kraft giant marshmallows work the best by far!!  I just use one bag to two 2lbs PS (typically I don't use all of the PS).
For cakes high in sugar (which tends to make them dense and over-moist, as well as crusty) be sure to use bake-even strips. I got mine at Michaels, Wilton.   Yes, LoRann oils make all the difference in flavoring fruit cakes. I have begun cutting way back on puree and adding more flavoring due to the texture after adding a lot of puree.   LoRanns flavor vary in strentgh. The cherry, for instance, only requires 1/4 tsp for the whole recipe because it is sooo strong. But...
My list of recipes are in my signature line.   I start with Rebecca Sutterby's WASC
Customers don't ask. When freinds ask, though, I tell them that cake mix makes up half of the dry ingredients, so it is officially just another ingredient :)   I just could not come up with a scratch cake that stayed moist and was easy to carve at the same time without being too dense. I am in love with WASC variations because it is really a no-fail recipe: I've only used half the amount of sour cream on occasion because I was out of stock and the result was fine. I...
Try adding an extra egg and an extra 2 tbls oil. Too many eggs can be drying, but create the lightness, hence the oil adds moisture. Too much sugar in a recipe can make the cake dense, but sugar also lends to moistness.
For champagne cake, I use cheap champagne for all of the liquid and add 1 tsp of rum flavoring (I prefer LoRann's Rum Emulsion. If using concentrated flavor oils, only use 1/4 to 1/2 tsp).  You can also use diet sprite instead of champagne.
In my signature line there is a link to the recipe list. I try to keep that doc updated with changes and additions. At the bottom of the doc I list the dates of my last changes.
I haven't have any problems with the new sizes, except that they don't fill up the pans as much so I often have to add an additional 1/4 recipe - sometimes I just add an extra cup of cake mix.    I do, however, use less sugar - about 3 tbls to 1/4 cup (I don't measure, I just don't fill up the measuring cup as full with sugar).
DH orange cake mix is fine, won't sink.
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